Die neue Maschine von Ozone die nahezu identische Leistung wie der Enzo3 haben soll, kann ab sofort vorbestellt werden. Die Produktionszeit beträgt aktuell satte 110 Tage.

Ozone schreibt: ” Our primary goal was to preserve the Zeno’s legendary comfort and ease of use. The Zeno2 retains the same cell count and aspect ratio in order to achieve this, in addition to more passive safety, with improved response to front and side collapse. The wing benefits from a new aerofoil, which delivers significantly higher top speed, better glide, and higher efficiency throughout the speed range. With a slightly faster trim speed and significantly faster top speed compared to the Zeno, it now matches the Enzo 3 in top speed and glide.”

Bewirb Dich gleich direkt bei Chris für das Racing Team oder bestelle den Zeno2 zum Bestprice bei der Paragliding Academy