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The ECHO is THE all-rounder in our range, created for just-out-of training newbies, avid hike-and-flyers, cross-country pilots, world travellers, soarers, vol-et -skiers, wagga/soaring dudes and vol-bivouacers. With a solid blend of performance and no-stress safety the pilot who loves every kind of paragliding will find one wing does it all with this little lightweight package. Stripped-down, open-minded, and dressed to impress, the ECHO will please every pilot it floats over!


A resonance of the EPIC with a stripped-down line-set and an lighter mix of materials, the ECHO shaves 500-700g while offering extra performance and versatility for no compromise in safety. As with the rest of the BGD range, the ECHO profits from Bruce’s trademark sharp, easy handling, 3D CCB panel-shaping means a clean, high-performing aerofoil while its lower weight means less inertia, reduced shooting and increased roll stability. Our strong shark nose adds stability to the leading edge at all speeds, and a silky-smooth Ronstan ball-bearing speed system keeps bar-action smooth on those long flights. The ECHO offers clear feedback with a relaxed feel in active air, and epic performance for its class!


Knowledge is power. To fly a wing well, I think it is important for a pilot to feel in control. Having an understanding of the air you are flying in is as important as the glider’s own passive safety. I design all my wings to give a reassuring level of feedback, to empower pilots with a good understanding of the conditions. I call it progressive stability, and my wings incrementally react to the different levels of turbulence, providing essential feedback, so the pilot can stay well within their comfort zone. Shielding a pilot from turbulence might make them feel safer initially, but they can be blissfully unaware of the risks they might be taking when the air is becoming more turbulent. Fly safely, fly confidently, fly with progressive safety and know the air around you.

Read more about Progressive Stability in Cross Country’s article „Icaristics – Shifting our Thinking on Safety“ in issue 176 by clicking on this link




Fläche projiziert17.8619.5621.2422.8124.54
Fläche ausgelegt21.0023.0024.9726.8328.85
Anzahl an Stammleinen3/4/3A/B/C
Streckung ausgelegt5.01
Streckung projiziert3.602
Spannweite ausgelegt10.2610.7311.1811.5912.02m
Spannweite projiziert8.028.398.759.079.40m
Minimales Sinken1.0m/sec


Top surface: Dominico D20
Bottom surface: Porcher 27g
Internal structure: Porcher 32/27g hard finish
Nose reinforcing: Plastic wire PA 2,4mm
Risers: 12 mm black Kevlar/nylon webbing
Pulleys: Ronstan P18
Top lines: Liros DC
Middle lines: Edelrid 8000U
Lower lines: PPSL200
Brakes: Liros




Das Cord Cut Billow System wurde entwickelt um die Oberflächenqualität, das Widerstandsvermögen und die aerodynamische Güte eines Gleitschirmes zu verbessern. Im Wesentlichen besteht das CCB aus zwei längsverlaufenden Nähten auf dem Obersegel, um den 3D Ballooning Effekt der Eintrittskanten bei einem befüllten Schirm zu verbessern.
Das System reduziert die Falten und Knitterstellen, die entlang der Rippen an der Nase des Gleitschirmes verlaufen, erheblich. Nicht nur, dass diese Falten am Obersegel vorkommen, sie haben auch Auswirkungen auf die Rippen selbst, da sie die Profiltreue verändern und die Rippenstabilität reduzieren.
Das CCB bringt generelle Verbesserung in der Leistung und ein Mehr an Stabilität im Segel. Das ist ein signifikanter Schritt nach vorne in der Konstruktion von Gleitschirmen.
Snap Locks are lightweight compact attachments that effortlessly connect brakes to the risers with a small focused magnet inside the catch and an internal locking system that holds the handle in every direction except down toward the pilot. This unique design feature means the handles don’t fall off while kiting, packing, or performing maneuvers. The Snap Lock system solves many of the problems associated with press-studs and magnets that every pilot faces.
Eine aggressive Strong Shark Eintrittskante optimiert den internen Druck des Profils bei jeder Geschwindigkeit.
A very clean and accurate lower surface .
Simple and efficient.
Easy descent when you need it.
Complicated stuff that goes on inside the wing.
More positive braking.
Der Echo besteht aus einem ausgewogegen Mix aus langlebigem und zugleich haltbaren Material


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