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Rebellious, fun, and enlightening. Not just talk, the Punk actually tells you the truth about the air. Stay informed, make your own choices, fly the Punk.




We are all punks. Our subculture has shocked the established order and constraints of society. We break the rules of nature, disregard the norms, and have a hell of a time doing it. The High-B PUNK was designed to sink deep into that rebellious part of your brain and enlighten you of reality. Are you a pilot that wants to know the truth? The punk will expose it.



We are on a mission to put taste, control, and attitude back into gliders. The PUNK is a modern day rebellion towards bland tasteless paragliders. This new age wing is a devastating explosion of feel, controllability, and fun. It is a matter of respect. The punk will speak the cold hard truth about the conditions giving you eyes wide-open safety and performance. End propaganda. Become enlightened. Make your own choices. Fly the un-censored Punk.



Controllable performance is what I call it. In the PUNK, I have added an extra level of control. Using our trademark “Bruce Goldsmith Handling” and “power steering” there is a kind of inner harmony in the glider that reacts better to the pilots’ inputs.

“When I step off the launch with the PUNK overhead I feel more comfortable and no longer intimidated. The speed and performance is easier to control and understand.”






Fläche projiziert17.8319.5321.2322.9324.63
Fläche ausgelegt21.0023.0025.0027.0029.00
Anzahl an Stammleinen3/4/3A/B/C
Streckung ausgelegt5.42
Streckung projiziert4.07
Spannweite ausgelegt10.6711.1611.6412.1012.54m
Spannweite projiziert8.468.859.239.599.94m
Extended Range80-95kg
Minimales Sinken1.0m/sec


Obersegel : Dominico N30 42g/m²
Untersegel : Porcher Ezzyfly 40g/m²
Innenstruktur : Porcher Skytex 40g/m²
Verstärkung der Eintrittskante : Plastic wire 2,4mm
Tragegurte : 13mm black Kevlar/nylon webbing
Umlenkrollen : Harken and Spenger
Gallerieleinen : Liros DC (Unsheathed)
Mittlere Leinen : Edelrid 8000U (Unsheathed)
Stammleinen : Liros PPSL (Sheathed)
Bremsleinen : Liros DC (Sheathed)



Das Cord Cut Billow System wurde entwickelt um die Oberflächenqualität, das Widerstandsvermögen und die aerodynamische Güte eines Gleitschirmes zu verbessern. Im Wesentlichen besteht das CCB aus zwei längsverlaufenden Nähten auf dem Obersegel, um den 3D Ballooning Effekt der Eintrittskanten bei einem befüllten Schirm zu verbessern. Das System reduziert die Falten und Knitterstellen, die entlang der Rippen an der Nase des Gleitschirmes verlaufen, erheblich. Nicht nur, dass diese Falten am Obersegel vorkommen, sie haben auch Auswirkungen auf die Rippen selbst, da sie die Profiltreue verändern und die Rippenstabilität reduzieren.
Das CCB bringt generelle Verbesserung in der Leistung und ein Mehr an Stabilität im Segel. Das ist ein signifikanter Schritt nach vorne in der Konstruktion von Gleitschirmen.
Snap Locks are lightweight compact attachments that effortlessly connect brakes to the risers with a small focused magnet inside the catch and an internal locking system that holds the handle in every direction except down toward the pilot. This unique design feature means the handles don’t fall off while kiting, packing, or performing maneuvers. The Snap Lock system solves many of the problems associated with press-studs and magnets that every pilot faces.
Eine aggressive Strong Shark Eintrittskante optimiert den internen Druck des Profils bei jeder Geschwindigkeit.
The PUNK is designed to warn experienced pilots of light-to-moderate turbulence, rather than suddenly completely collapsing when things get really unruly. Bruce’s article in Cross Country magazine, ‘Shifting Our Thinking on Safety’, explains how “A wing that is super stable and almost never collapses can lead to more accidents, because when it does collapse the pilot is not prepared and has little experience of how to deal with the situation”. Any wing will collapse given enough turbulence. A small deflation in medium turbulence is easier to deal with and therefore safer than a big collapse in strong turbulence.
Gliders that talk are safer. Safer gliders make pilots perform better. Better performing pilots fly further. Further flying pilots are happier pilots. Eyes Wide-open Safety produces happier pilots.
Die Optimierung des Leinenlayouts eines Gleitschirms ist eine komplexe Wissenschaft; Wir entwickeln ständig unsere analytischen Techniken zur Gestaltung des LEinenlayouts weiter. Die interne Struktur eines Gleitschirms entwickelt sich gleichzeitig mit dem Leinenlayout. Gemeinsam bieten diese beiden Konstruktionsaspekte die Lösung für den reduzierten Leineneinsatz und den Widerstand. Der Lynx nutzt Edelrid Magix Pro 8000U Leinen mit einer Gesamtlänge von nur 244m in der M Größe.
Using our cutting edge software we have maintained the strength and rigidity of the profiles while maximizing the amount of non-load bearing material we could remove. This reduces weight and without increasing the cost or reducing the strength of the wing as a whole. Hole positioning and size is highly dependent on the loads taken locally by the sail and this can only be done correctly with recent innovations in our software.
We have added a ‚post C‘ band running along the top surface which seamlessly moves down to bottom surface at the tip connecting directly to the last line cascade. Instead of putting heavy plastic rods above the C lines we use this band to counter the common flip up ripple caused when adding a little brake. The problem with paragliders is when a little brake is applied the cupping of the trailing edge creates lift which often buckles the profile near the C’s. Using careful analysis during braking and it’s the interaction with our internal structure we have solved this problem with the “Post C Band” a eloquent, lightweight, clean, and volume reducing solution.


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  1. Chris Geist

    Chris Geist

    i just flew the punk once yet in bassano but i loved the direct feeling also in bumpy conditions. very precice handling. in tight turns you have to be careful not to apply to much brake. if you apply a lot of brake it turns and dives fast which is fun for a advanced pilot (flew the S size on the max. load). its a really sensitive glider. also in wingovers you have to take a lot outside brake and release the inner brake early to not „overturn“ it. then wingovers are pure fun. its a very agile glider with a good response. also it has a long brake travel range with a precice stall point and a increasing brake pressure which means for me „safety“. trimm speed is probably less compared to the very very fast base/base lite. performance we will see ;-) passive safety increased a lot it think (compared to the base) but i will test it soon. i think the punk is suitable for a very wide range of pilots and easier to fly than the base/base lite for sure. great glider so far. i look forward to compare it with the rush5 from ozone

    find some pictures here:

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