This is a testreport of the Ozone BuzzZ6 (Intermediate B glider) with text and inflight videos of the most important manouvers.

After payment we send you the link and access to your testreport

HINT: the inflight videos are sometimes hard to analyse for a not so experienced pilot. we are sorry that we cant deliver you ouside footage, but for now its impossible for me. i still think in combination with the written text/report you can have a good impression about the wing. if you have any question about the wing or the testreport just drop me a mail.


in the past we put a lot of testflight videos and testreports for free online but its a lot of work so we think 9,90 euro is a fair price if you plan to buy the wing. you can see the extremflight behavior and can have a good impression about the wing. its also good for pilots who already bought the wing and want to join a safety course and see how the glider reacts.

no, i test the wing most of the time like a normal pilot and sometimes with pilot reaction and i dont say the results are always 100% right but i think sometimes they give even a better result than only a standard EN/LTF test. every pilot should know that a different load, size, using a different harness or  flys in other weather conditions can cause a different result.

Unfortunately I do not know that either ;-) Something about my paragliding background:


I started paragliding 20 years ago and was one of the first german pilots who flew a SAT in germany. At that time is participated in the Paragliding Acro World Cup and also at the World Championchips in Villeneuve/Switzerland. I worked for many paragliding schools and was employed at Airwave for three years. I worked as a sales manager for Airwave in Germany, Austria an Switzerland, trimmed the Freestyle glider Airwave Burn and helped on some serial glider at this time. After Airwave i worked for Swing Paragliders for a short time and the for the Testcenters Para Test in Switzerland and EAPR in Germany before starting my own company. Since the beginning my focus is on flying techniques and safety.

I organized the testreport in: unboxing the glider, take off, (thermal) flight, landing, extremflight situation, decent technics, freestyle (sat, heli, wingover) and a conclusion. its a open testreport. if we find out new informations we post them and let you know about it.

Yes of course, if you have further questions not written in the testreport just drop me a mail to:

i want to offer you the testreport as soon as the glider is released and this is most of the time outside of the safety course season where we have ground camera and flying over water. also with outside footage the effort is a lot more which would rise the price. i think you can have a good impression about the wing with inflight material and written text.

in our flying school we sell the brands Ozone, Advance and BGD but i try to be as neutral as possible in the tests and show you advantage and disadvantages of the wing. if you want you can of course substract a little bit of truth and then still get a very clear test about the wing.